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Very rare fabric from the Japanese Showa era 1926-1989. Faric part of reused fertilizer cloth bag and old cloths have been made into Cherry blossm printed  pants. The Showa fertilizer bag named Sakura, came from the Showa era. It is a very rare old cloth powder bag with the words Sakura(Cherry Blossom) on the front of the pants.


I added on the side of the pocket the words Sashimi - Japanese food. Any stains and and parts of the fabric were mended using another fabric, before joining the inside.




Custom Sakura printed pants reused antique fabric

GST/HST Included
  • Pants Length - Approximately 97 cm from the waist

    Waist approx. 64 cm (stretches because it uses an elastic waste band)

    Inseam Approximately 65 cm

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