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I made a blouse from a cute Showa vintage tenugui fabric.
Shoulder drop sleeve when worn.

I dyed it using persimmon bitter dye or Kakishibu.
Using Tenugui combined  to make a unique kumquat pattern.

 It is a blouse that you can wear in any occasion.

 One size fits all
 Length about 56 cm from the shoulder
 Width of the body about 59 cm

It is dyed, washed, colored with alum, and then washed once.

 All are cotton washcloths

 Those who can understand handmade,
Since we use Showa old cloth, the old cloth might have damage, puncture holes, stains, stains, etc.  
I would like to give them to those who like them as is while using Kakishibu dyeing, coloring might be has a little uneven.

We will fold it and ship it.

Vintage Showa Tenugui Blouse - “KinKan”

GST/HST Included
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